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music and song connecting the past with the present

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The Hexachordia trio are passionate about sharing their love of early music and history with as wide an audience as possible. We therefore offer a wide range of educational presentations and workshops for both adults and children.

For adults, we offer a range of presentations which are a unique blend of historical narrative, contemporary accounts, visual images and period music, we bring the past to the present. These are suitable for daytime or evening meetings of clubs, societies and educational groups, such as meetings of U3A, Women’s Institute, WEA and history groups.

We also offer an extremely popular primary schools’ workshop called Entertaining The Tudors. In it we explore sixteenth-century life through music, song and dance, giving pupils the chance to experience live music and entertainment from this colourful period in history. These workshops can be tailor-made to class size and age group.

For secondary schools, we will work with you to create a bespoke educational programme to suit your needs. For those taking music at GSCE and A Level, we offer both workshops and mini-recitals to showcase early musical instruments.

We offer the following presentations:

Is that a Crumhorn? - An absorbing presentation about musical instruments of the Medieval and Renaissance eras, featuring live music, richly illustrated with paintings of the time.

Kemp’s Jig - An exploration of an Elizabethan comic actor’s epic dance from London to Norwich, drawing on his account of the journey.

An Elizabethan Progress - We follow Queen Elizabeth I’s progress of 1578 to East Anglia, recreating the sights and sounds of this royal spectacular.